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Dr. Martin Asal


born 1964; studied at the Universities of Tuebingen, Heidelberg, and Munich; doctoral work with the Faculty of Law at the University of Munich (under Dr. Peter Badura and Dr. Udo di Fabio); since 1996, attorney in Stuttgart, since 2014, also a lecturer at RWTH Aachen University, Institute for Urban Planning and Transportation.
Dr. Asal – as consultant and trial counsel of record – practices construction and real estate law.
The core of Dr. Asal’s practice focuses on project awarding and realization. His clients include similarly renowned project development and construction enterprises, private investors, and industrial enterprises, as well as the German federal states, municipalities, and other corporate bodies organized under public law. Dr. Asal provides advice for projects that are diverse in nature and scope. His practice encompasses major projects such as railroad stations and railroads, shopping centers, and urban neighborhood developments, particularly within the framework of rehabilitation efforts in the context of urban development, or industrial facilities – as well as other projects that are small but no less demanding in the legal advice required, such as acquisition of property for construction, office and factory developments and relocations, restructuring real estate by terminating leases, rebuilding or new construction, or the purchase and sale of real estate. Dr. Asal and his colleagues work together to address the tax aspects of real estate transactions, and he frequently enjoys working in close cooperation with his clients’ tax consultants.
Dr. Asal’s work additionally focuses on public construction and planning, encompassing apportionment, rehabilitation, and eminent domain proceedings as well as planning on the state and regional levels.