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Katrin Etteldorf


born 1977; studied law with specialized foreign-language training in English at the University of Augsburg. Attorney-at-law since 2004. Specialist attorney for labor law, for construction and architect law, and for banking and capital markets law.
Member of the Verband deutscher ArbeitsrechtsAnwälte e.V. (the Association of German Labor Law Attorneys), member of the working group for banking and capital markets law of the German Bar Association, member of the Saxony Bar Association’s specialized attorney committee for banking and capital markets.
On the individual and collective labor side, Ms. Etteldorf represents and advises employers, including medium-sized companies, and management. Her practice focuses on strategic negotiation and litigation management, the structure and implementation of reorganization and restructuring measures, and advising on and accompanying negotiations with the works council including, but not limited to, regarding interest balancing and social plans. In addition, Ms. Etteldorf assists with the implementation of entrepreneurial concepts, e.g., flexible work models and variable compensation. Moreover, Ms. Etteldorf conducts continuing education for human resources staff and senior management, especially by giving in-house seminars.
On the banking and capital markets, Ms. Etteldorf represents credit institutes, financial services companies, and leasing companies. She also has many years of experience in asset management. Litigation encompasses, on the one hand, enforcing contractual claims, and on the other, defending against claims alleging breach of contract.