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Prof. Dr. Hervé Edelmann


Born 1961 in Beirut, Lebanon; law study, doctoral work, and teaching assistant at the University of Marburg (endowed chair of Dr. Bodo Pieroth – doctoral supervisor – and Dr. Werner Frotscher). Attorney-at-law and specialist for banking and capital markets. Visiting professor for bank contract law and capital investments at the University of Leipzig. Member of the Academic Society for Banking Law (the Bankrechtliche Vereinigung – Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Bankrecht e.V.) and the working group for banking and capital markets.
Dr. Edelmann has been a member of the board of the Stuttgart Bar Association since April 2012 where he has also been chair of the examination committee for specialists for banking and capital markets since 2007. He has made a name for himself in the field as the author of numerous publications and of the newsletter Banken-Times SPEZIAL Bankrecht, which appears monthly in cooperation with the Heidelberg Finance Colloquium. He also lectures at banking law events.
Dr. Hervé Edelmann is the practice group leader of the banking and capital markets practice. In addition, he is frequently active in litigation defense of claims arising under government liability, and advises various medium-sized and financial services enterprises during in-court proceeding.