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Consumer loans update

Seminar on 30 June 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

Current focal points concerning processing fees and focusing on revocation

These topics (processing fees and revocation rights) are presently keeping the credit industry, lawyers active in this area, ombudsmen, and consumer protection organizations busy with innumerable cases.
On 30 June 2015, Mr. Johann G.G. Becher, First Vice President, Syndicate, Legal Corporate Affairs & Documentation of UniCredit Bank AG, Munich, and attorney Mr. Tilman Hölldampf from our firm will be jointly conducting the seminar “Consumer loans update.”
The seminar is designed to intensely address the current case landscape in detail, but will also explore possible future solutions for dealing with the issues surrounding “processing fees and revocation.”

  • Current jurisprudence addressing processing fees
  • Effects of the jurisprudence of the German Federal Court of Justice on other fee positions in the credit area?
  • Revocation: error sources in instructions—when is an instruction ineffective?
  • Dealing with the “revocation joker” in practice


Further information and the opportunity to register can be found here.