Corporate & Commercial

Thümmel Schütze supervises German and international enterprises in all areas of corporate law, labour law, in issues of industrial property rights and public law with teams of first-class experts. We organise corporate transactions of all sorts and design contracts and terms and conditions. We support foreign investors with their engagement in Germany and consult entrepreneurs on company succession and inheritance law.

We represent companies across all industries, including the automotive supply, engineering, pharmaceuticals, media and service industries, as well as the public domain. In addition, we also act for executives, managing directors and, in particular, members of management and advisory boards.


Corporate Law

Thümmel Schütze advises in all areas of stock corporation law, limited liability company (LLC) law and partnership law. The stock corporation law in particular has been subject to several revisions, introducing additional requirements on which we have specialised. These include:

  • the preparation of general meetings
  • the defence of legal challenges
  • corporate compliance
  • the liability of executive and supervisory boards
  • the preventative consultation of companies

The area of D&O liability has gained increasing recognition. Discontented shareholders and stockholders, new ownership structures after changes in corporate control, and newly appointed supervisory boards or insolvency administrators pose a threat to the management of concerned companies and are not to be underestimated. We provide comprehensive legal services to members of the board of directors, managing directors and members of supervisory boards, with a view to averting and challenging the risks of liability claims. In the process, we work closely with large D&O insurance companies.

Likewise, we specialise in the commercially related legal issues of mid-sized family-owned businesses, often with complex ownership structures, and provide strategic and reliable solutions. Through their participation as members of supervisory boards and advisory committees of such corporations, partners of firms are aware of the issues with corporate ownership structures and the potential for conflicts of interest to arise in corporate matters.


Labour Law

We are glad to assist you in all issues regarding personnel in daily corporate practice as well as support in restructuring projects, transactions and personnel adjustments. We have special expertise in the employment and termination of institutions and employees, as well as in process control.


Industrial property rights, competition law and press law

We are glad to assist you in all issues regarding industrial property rights, especially the preparation of patent license contracts, know-how license contracts and IT contracts as well as advising on all aspects of market-related issues. In addition to this, we have long-standing expertise in German and European competition law, including merger control. We act as consultants regarding acquisitions and provide forensic services. In the area of media and press law, we have worked with large newspaper publishing houses and big media players.


Public sector

We advise authorities, public and private enterprises, on all issues of public law and their internal relationships. Our work has been focused on regional planning, sectoral and urban land use planning, and environmental law. Together with our expertise in public finance and procurement law, this resulted in our project planning and procurement practice, which includes the construction of a new town hall, urban redevelopment, and large-scale projects such as the German railway project “Stuttgart 21” and the “Wendlingen-Ulm” new and upgraded line project. Today, our practice encompasses the energy sector and health care system as well.



Thümmel Schütze advises both buyers and vendors on business transactions of all kinds, especially strategic investments. Our practice comprises advice and support in all phases of the transaction, from devising transaction structures and drafting transaction documents, conducting due diligence inside and outside of Germany, negotiating asset sales and investment agreements, to achieving the successful closing of deals. We also provide legal support in drafting, negotiating and finalising the necessary financial instruments.

Building on the extensive, long-standing expertise we have built while working with medium- and large-sized transactions, we can quickly and efficiently assemble strong teams with specialised professionals covering all affected sectors. This ensures our successful and cost-effective handling of transactions. In cross-border transactions, we regularly collaborate with several experienced law firms worldwide, with whom we have developed strong, transaction-tested working relationships over the past decades. Through our firm’s membership in the worldwide lawyer network TerraLex, these relationships reach all economically significant regions of the world.


Foreign investments

We have been supporting foreign investors with their activities in Germany for a long time, ranging from greenfield investments to the purchase of strategic investments and joint ventures. We have special expertise with enterprises and business groups from other European countries, the USA, China and India.


Corporate succession and succession law

Individuals, shareholders and corporate clients with issues of succession have come to the right place. Here, we assist our clients in the complex interplay of the succession of enterprises and the fiscal consequences resulting from them. We advise medium-sized family-owned enterprises and their owners regarding all forms of succession and estate planning.

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