The German capital of Berlin has not only gained national and international recognition as a political and cultural powerhouse but has also emerged as a centre for technology and the service industry in recent years, owing to its modern communication networks and its position as the seat of several prominent education establishments. As early as 1989, we established our Berlin office in collaboration with the former mayor of Berlin, Mr. Eberhard Diepgen. In line with the profound changes and impact of the German reunification on the German economy, and in particular on the economy of Berlin, the focus of the advice provided by our Berlin lawyers initially was on legal issues linked to the German reunification.

Nowadays, the Berlin office advises on all areas of commercial law and serves clients both regionally and nationwide. The professionals based at our Berlin office primarily provide legal advice on banking, property, and labour and employment law. The office has established excellent relations with banks, financial services institutions and public authorities. We have profound know-how and expertise in public procurement and privatisation procedures. Our clients include media and entertainment companies, whose needs we cater to in a timely and efficient way. Our competent and flexible notary ensures that complex transactions are implemented promptly.

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