Dr. Bettina Linder

Bettina Linder studied at the Universities of Passau, Tours, and Heidelberg and received her doctor’s degree at the University of Heidelberg. She has been practicing law with Thümmel Schütze since 1998. She regularly holds lectures on assorted topics.

Bettina Linder specializes in IT law and e-commerce, including related topics like data protection and competition matters. Another core of her practice concerns IP rights such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc., and press law. She also has extensive expertise in the drafting and redesigning of general terms and conditions, including software contracts like cloud agreements, SLA, EULA or SaaS agreements, and offers staff training for clients.

Her clients include national and international enterprises; among these are various publishers.


German, English, French

+49 (0)711 1667 171