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Legal Basics of the Work of Members of Supervisory Boards

Lehrgang am 23. Januar 2014

The work in supervisory boards of German enterprises has become more intensive and demanding. Personal and professional requirements increase steadily, despite responsibility and liability risks.

In order to cope with this challenge, Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH – WSF Wirtschaftsseminare offers training for members of supervisory boards consisting of several modules. Future and current members of supervisory boards, administrative boards or consultancy boards wanting to professionalize their work in order to meet the increased requirements can improve their qualification in the various fields step by step. Several modules will cover the basic professional requirements for a member of a supervisory board.

Prof. Dr. Roderich C. Thümmel talks about the legal basics of the work of members of a supervisory board on 23 January 2014. Subjects are

  • The supervisory board in different legal entities
  • Corporate Governance Kodex
  • Tasks of committees of supervisory boards


Prof. Dr. Roderich C. Thümmel himslef is a member in several supervisory and consultancy boards of several family enterprises and, partly chairman of the respective supervisory body. Not only does he have extended legal expertise in the area of supervisory bodies, he also knows the challenges members of supervisory and consultancy boards have to cope with from his own work.

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