News about the corona crisis

Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear friends and partners of the firm:

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll and will be keeping us busy for some time to come. First and foremost, we need to concentrate on reducing health risks; it is for this reason that most of our staff are working from home.

We wish to assure you that all our partners, attorney staff, and non-attorney staff continue to be at your disposal, as they always have been, and that the projects and inquiries with which you entrust us will continue to receive our undivided attention. We have made sure that we are and will remain reachable across offices and that communications across all digital media remain intact; your communications will be forwarded and tended to without delay.

We know that many of you, and your businesses, are impacted by the effects of this crisis and that you are thinking about how you might be able to contain the damage presently looming. Those thoughts pertain to a number of legal matters including, but not limited to, labor law, (commercial) leasing law, contract law (especially contract performance matters), corporate law (for instance, in connection with holding shareholder meetings), and much more. We have the experts you need among our ranks and wish to encourage you to seek our counsel in these challenging times.

Above all, we hope you are and remain healthy and look forward to continuing our work together.

With best wishes,

Roderich C. Thümmel