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Starting in May, Thümmel, Schütze and Partner is enhancing the Dresden office with two experienced lawyers

News from 15.05.17

With the arrival of Ms. Katrin Etteldorf and Ms. Constanze Muck, the firm is expanding its Dresden office, above all in the practice areas of banking, capital markets, and labor law.

On the labor law side, Ms. Etteldorf represents and advises primarily medium-sized enterprises and management. Strategic negotiating and litigation comprise one specialty of hers; of additional significance are the configuration and implementation of measures taken for restructuring, advising, and support in negotiations with works councils, particularly concerning the reconciliation of interests and employee benefits planning. On the banking and capital markets side, Ms. Etteldorf represents credit institutes as well as financial services and leasing enterprises.

Ms. Muck is primarily a litigator for medium-sized and large enterprises in the banking and leasing sector. Moreover, she accompanies intellectual property matters including, but not limited to, patent applications, patent monitoring efforts, copyrights and trademark defenses, and patent management efforts; she also advises on competition law matters. In addition to the above, she advises and represents physicians and pharmacists regarding professional practice and liability matters, e.g., concerning the laws governing medications and drug advertising.

Over the last few years, it has been possible to expand the firm’s Dresden office with excellent lawyers thanks to the work of Tilman Schultheiss, partner, and Ms. Jana Zeidler, Esq. Today, Dresden is the firm’s second largest office after Stuttgart.